Saturday, January 29, 2011

I experimented today with making some jam-filled cookies. I was inspired by Jammy Dodgers, a British biscuit that is filled with plum jam.

I'm not entirely sure I like what I came up with. They're cute, but they don't look exactly like I wanted them to... which annoys me.

I also can't decide if I like the cookies with the flowers in the middle or the small hearts. I guess for now, these jam cookies will just be prototypes.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Look at these tiny cookie charms I made today! The outside is polymer clay and the filling is made of Fuwa Fuwa whipped cream.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello! I'm Erin, I'm a 21 year old drifter, temporarily settled in Nashville, TN. I am an avid crafter and lover of animals, nature, traveling and all things tiny and cute.

I have been making miniature foods out of polymer clay for a few years now. (The first thing I ever made was a sushi cane!) I have moved on to bigger and better things now, and I am planning on perfecting my little foods to sell soon.

More recently, I have become absolutely OBSESSED with making little tarts out of clay!

The five tarts seen in the bottom picture were made yesterday! I made a small order from the online deco supply shop, Sophie & Toffee and ordered some Fuwa Fuwa whipped cream. I usually make my own whipped cream out of liquid sculpey and white polymer clay, which gets really strenuous, so it was a nice change to use the Fuwa Fuwa. The Fuwa Fuwa also came with a tip, which I loved. Overall it worked quite well and I was very pleased with the results.